Wedding FAQ – The Belongil – Byron Bay Wedding Venue

If you are thinking of getting married in Byron Bay then read up on our Wedding FAQ – The Belongil – Byron Bay Wedding Venue for a few pointers! Many people head to our Byron Bay venue for their wedding reception and many people have questions. We have added a list of our most frequently asked questions about having your wedding reception at the Belongil.


What time can guests arrive and what is the latest time the wedding can finish?Wedding FAQ - Belongil Bistro Byron Bay
Earliest start time is 5pm. Our liquor licence is till midnight, every night except Sunday (10:30pm).


When can we come in to decorate? If it’s a matter of placing candles, flowers and place cards on tables, we are happy to do this for you.  Please note, flowers must be already arranged in vases and place cards must be in table and position order. Fresh flowers need to be delivered on the day of the wedding (anytime from 2pm). If you wish to style the room and tables yourself or by a professional supplier, 2pm is the earliest time you have access to the room.


How do we book Belongil Beach or Old Jetty Park (beach or park across the road from you)? Belongil Beach and Old Jetty Park is crown land and therefore costs nothing to use. You are unable to book or reserve a space in either location.


Can we use the venue as a plan b for wet weather? Yes, there is no extra cost if you hold your ceremony with us (earliest start time is 5pm). Always a good idea to mention plan b on your invitation.


Can we hang our own lights up? All lights must be hired through us or by a professional. We charge $100/ladder for installation and hire for hanging Edison light bulbs on the ladders.


Can we BYO? Our liquor licence prohibits the sale of alcohol provided by an unlicensed source.  For any special bottles (if we can not source it ourselves), we will allow you to bring it in, however we have to serve it to you and it will cost you $125/bottle. Please note, we are very serious about ceasing all service and music if we find undeclared BYO alcohol. We have done this before and it very unpleasant for everyone.


Should I pay for beverages by consumption or package?  You know your guests better than we do. If they are big drinkers, best to play it safe and go with package.  If you opt with the consumption basis, there is a minimum amount you prepay and the remaining amount consumed above this must be settled at conclusion of the night.


Do you charge ‘cakeage’? No if we are simply cutting it up and serving it on platters. Yes if we are required to serve it individually ($4pp).


Do you have accommodation affiliations? There are many different types of accommodation (walking distance from us) in Belongil. East on Byron (situated directly behind us) is a five star resort that offers discounts for anyone attending your wedding. Some of the bigger houses that along our street (eg. Beaumonts & Bluewater at Belongil) offer beautiful private ceremony spaces as well.


Can we have live music or plug in our own music?  You are welcome to have live music, however if they are playing past 10pm, they are required to move inside (so that we can close all doors to minimize sound for our neighbours). Plugging in your own music into our speakers is an easy and cheap option too. Please note: if you require a microphone, you need to hire this in together with a speaker.


What furniture do you provide? You have a choice of our casual, beachy, shabby chic furniture (all different colours, shapes and sizes) or a more elegant look with our wooden trestle tables that are all identical. Depends on the look you are after, both types are inclusive of your room hire.


When can we drop off/pick up our decorations? We like to meet with you the day before your wedding, go through everything one last time, set up a mock table with your decorations, take a photo of that and then take them off you. All decorations must be taken away at the end of the night. We hold no responsibility for the safety of your valuables.


Do you provide menu cards? No. This is something you need to organize. One per table is sufficient, however some people provide one per person.


Are there any hidden costs that we should be aware of? Good question! We have tried to be as transparent as possible so that you know exactly what you’re up for. There are three components to having your wedding at The Belongil. Room hire, beverages & food packages.  The only extra that you should be aware of is the additional room hire fee if the duration of the wedding is longer than 5 hours.


Hopefully we have answered many of your Wedding FAQ ‘s here, but just in case we haven’t, we would love to hear from you to talk about your wedding plans.