Fisheye Studio – Video of Steph & Josh’s wedding

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Fisheye Studio – Video of Steph & Josh’s wedding

Steph and Josh’s precious memories were caught on video and the Belongil played a starring role as their wedding venue in Byron Bay. The event was made sacred and fun at the same time, and the Belongil was witness to it all.


The couple officially became husband and wife in the midst of their loved ones, who were seated in chairs positioned circularly towards the middle where the happy couple said their wedding vows. They were all surrounded by an untouched environment, creating a simple yet elegant day.


The dining area is strategically arranged with tables and chairs were close to each other for a vibe of intimacy. The reception extends outside the belongil bistro itself, where an open area with lines of trees and paper lanterns stand as witnesses to the occasion.


The circle of love, physically and literally was Joshua and Stephanies’ wedding at Belongil Beach. Such a wonderful ceremony where the chairs where placed in a circle giving everyone a closeness to the couple as they said there vows.


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