Courtney & Matt

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Courtney & Matt

Courtney and Matt’s wedding reception at the Belongil was the epitome of a simple yet intimate garden theme. A stunning wedding and a beautiful reception with food and drink well into the night. Graced with their closest family and friends, it was a joyous celebration of love and commitment.


The exchange of vows occurred in the outdoor garden with only a few prop-up chairs placed. A small natively-designed carpet is where the two stood to make promises to each other.


Meanwhile, the dining area had tables and chairs lined up in one long row with a white cloth embedded with crawling lights at the ceiling. Great food and wine were served to the guests as they enjoyed each other’s company. An acoustic bar was set up near the bride and the groom while the inner portion of the bistro was cleared out for the dance floor.


Photography by Mitch Pohl