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For those looking for a beach-side wedding venue in Byron Bay, the Belongil promises to be a venue that transforms your dreams into reality. Both the location and the facilities contribute to the impeccable experience that is definitely one for the books.


The Belongil is located across from Belongil Beach in the Byron Bay area and is popular for weddings and other events. Open to the public for breakfast and lunch, the Belongil turns into one of Byron’s most popular wedding venues by night and you must book in advance to hold your event here.


The Belongil Beach area has the natural beauty of white sand, clear blue sea and untouched landscape which is perfect for a laid back beach wedding. The expansive area allows different concepts to be brought to life, making imagination your only limit.


The Belongil Bistro is a versatile venue for any type of event and we can cater to your specifications. Whether it is attractive table setups decorated with flowers, great wine and service, or dance floor illuminated by warm lights, the reception area can cater to all of your requirements.

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