Our Lucky 7 Instagram-famous Breakfast Meals

14 Jul Our Lucky 7 Instagram-famous Breakfast Meals

Instagram-famous Breakfast Meals

Let’s face it. The Belongil’s location makes it one of the most Instagram-worthy venues in the Byron Bay area. The earth-inspired elegance of the bistro plus its proximity to the Belongil beach and Byron Bay lighthouse are enough reasons for anyone to whip out their cameras. But did you know even the food is a snap-magnet?

Here are some of our breakfast meals posted by our customers that made waves on Instagram.

Sara Jane Bray’s Halloumi and Asparagus

If there’s anything we pride ourselves with in our meals, its that blend of sophistication and nutrition. This is what prompted Sara Jane Bray to share her halloumi and asparagus meal via her account “thefauxfoodie,” and it is definitely drool-worthy.

Adriana Jennings’ Coconut Porridge and Coffee

Nothing greets your mornings better than a pair of hot coconut porridge and coffee. This is an envy-inducing meal that Adriana Jennings posted through her Instagram handle “goldenhourgirl,” and just look at the presentation!

Paul and Amber’s Coconut Hotcakes

There is no shortage of sweet treats even for breakfast at the Belongil, and this is what Paul and Amber shared as they snapped a picture of their coconut hotcakes via “ladolcevitaadventurers.” As if by coincidence, their account name literally means “the sweet life,” and their meal certainly added to that.

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Susan Stitt’s Healthy Concoction

Since breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, it needs to be nourishing and energy-packed. That’s how Susan Stitt enjoyed her breakfast and had poached eggs, chickpeas, hummous, and spinach mixed into one divine dish.

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Steffi Heinen’s Avocado on Toast

Breakfast should be fun and relaxing. Take a look at Steffi Heinen’s poached eggs and toast with avocado. And it doesn’t hurt to eat satisfying food in a beautiful place like Belongil Beach.

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Melis Sezgin’s GI Joe and Beef Burger

If you are looking for a fusion of sea and land, take a look at Melis Sezgin’s breakfast consisting of the Belongil’s GI Joe and beef burger. Now that’s satisfying, filling, and not to mention clever.

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Jasmine Ramsay’s Summer Fruit Bowl

You can never have too much of summer and great food, and that’s what Jasmine Ramsay got from the Belongil. The summer fruit bowl is a mixture of fruits and “fairy floss.” If anything, it is magical!

Getting hungry yet? Come visit us at the Belongil and share your photos on Instagram by using the hashtag #thebelongil. Now excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face.