Anna Barber Photographics – Jess and Blake’s wedding

18 Feb Anna Barber Photographics – Jess and Blake’s wedding

Anna Barber Photographics - Jess Blake Wedding BelongilCongratulations to Jess and Blake who recently married at The Belongil. The entire day was photographed by Anna Barber Photographics and you can see a large array of the photos on the website. A huge thank you goes to Anna Barber Photo graphics for featuring the special occasion and sharing the photos online.

Take some inspiration from this wedding because everything was lovely. You can view the wedding photos and more information about this wedding here.

As you browse through Jess & Blake’s wedding photos, you can see that our beautiful Belongil is very photogenic and is a magical backdrop for the wedding. Another thing to notice in this series of photos is the seating configuration. The bride and groom sat with their backs to the garden while the speeches were made by the door, directly facing the wedding party.

You can get a good idea of the amount of guests we can accommodate and the space was utilised to it’s full advantage for Jess & Blake.  We loved this wedding and the little details made it truly beautiful.