The Belongil Wedding Venue Seating Plans

The Belongil - Wedding reception seating plan optionsThe Belongil Wedding Venue Seating Plans gives you more of an idea of what seating configurations are possible in our space. A lot of people come to Byron Bay to get married and the Belongil is one of the most famous local wedding reception venues.

Our wedding venue has many seating options and you can choose the seating configuration that suits your theme.

Seating configurations are important for a wedding or function as it gives you an idea of how you can set the tables up to accommodate your guests as well as other things you may want to have at your wedding.

Items like champagne fountains, stage for a band, dance-floor and bar have to be placed in the area for your guests to use during the wedding.

The Belongil has a unique space that can be used in many ways, and can accommodate many wedding props. Check out the gallery to see how others have used the space in previous weddings. As you can see by the three examples in this article, our venue is quite versatile and the space can be adapted to your particular needs.

Also worth a visit is our Wedding FAQ page, which will have the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.



Belongil wedding venue seating arrangement charts

Seating Configuration A

This configuration leaves a large space indoors for the dance floor and also offers extra spaces for a refrigerated buffet and the bar.

Guests can be seated outdoors. This configuration offers your guests the opportunity to mingle with each other in the table area with plenty of room to move about indoors.

Our lush gardens ensure privacy and the decor can be suited to your wedding theme. As a wedding venue, we are one of Byron Bay’s favorite places to hold your wedding reception.

You will notice there is also room for a DJ booth in this setup so guests can easily communicate with the DJ from the dance floor. There is also another more private area where guests can congregate away from the dance floor and seating area. This is a very popular setup and suits a lot of weddings and functions.

Click on the image to see a larger version of this possible seating configuration. Note this setup can also be used for any function booked at the Belongil.



Belongil Byron Bay - wedding venue seating arrangement chart B

Seating Configuration B

This configuration offers more space to move around between the tables. Ideal for smaller weddings or functions where dancing and mingling are paramount. You can see the DJ booth and dance-floor are adjacent to each other and the seating area extends around the dance floor to ensure you can see the action at all times.

The separate area away from the dance-floor is there for guests to wander in and have a quiet moment. You can see there is plenty of room to add your wedding decor and guest book. There is room for a gift table and refrigerated areas where the foot can be located.

We also offer a comprehensive wedding catering service to all weddings held in our venue. You can see a range of our food choices here.

This venue setup is often used by functions and we have found it to be very effective in providing guests with plenty of options during your event.





Plan C - Belongil wedding or event seating chartSeating Configuration 3

This seating setup is great for weddings that have a fair few guests. As you can see there is ample seating but also a lot of space utilised for mingling and dancing. A DJ booth is always a good idea as after a few drinks and a great meal, guests usually tend to want to dance.

This configuration offers the best of both worlds, plenty of seating and plenty of room to move about our wedding venue. If you want to get married in Byron Bay then the Belongil wedding venue can cater for your ideas and your wedding theme.

We can also add things like photo-booth if you intend to hire.

Your guests can enjoy food from a buffet but our most popular choice is service staff serving food and drinks. A sit down meal is ideal for weddings as it gives guests a chance to get some delicious food in their stomachs so they are ready for a night of celebration and dancing.

We want your dream Byron wedding to be everything you wanted and remember that we can tailor make a wedding reception to suit your exact needs. These seating charts are a guide only and we can set up the space any way you want us to.