Beachy Boho Weddings: How to Achieve the Perfect Boho Ambience

20 Oct Beachy Boho Weddings: How to Achieve the Perfect Boho Ambience

Weddings are always fun and filled with love. It marks the start of a whole new journey for the couple, and this time as a tight-knit duo. As such, it’s a memorable occasion not just for them, but also for their family and friends.

If you want to make it even more unforgettable, why not try a boho theme? Gone are the days when people just have a solemn exchange of vows with fussy dresses and taffeta. Have you considered the laid back style of boho weddings? Care to give it a go?

What is Boho?

This term has been tossed around recently, but what is it exactly?

“Boho” comes from the word Bohemian, but it doesn’t necessarily gravitate to having characteristics of someone from Bohemia. It’s an adjective used to describe something as carefree, simple, yet natural. This laidback lifestyle is popular in fashion, and it is a stunning theme for weddings as well!

What’s involved in a Boho Wedding

Here are a few tips to achieve that perfect ambience.Beachy Boho Weddings

  1. Pick Wild Flowers
    • The biggest appeal of having a boho ceremony is how it’s perfectly imperfect. Don’t sweat the small details and pick whatever it is you find in the venue! Choose wild flowers as your bouquet. It’s cheap and goes with the theme!
  2. Choose Nature
    • Getting in touch with the Earth is one important element for this type of theme. You can choose either the quiet beach or a solemn woodland with chirping birds. It’s very much like a wedding drawn out of a fairy tale.
  3. Be Informal
    • You don’t have to use designer clothes, and that’s a great thing! Whip up your floral clothes, khakis, or anything with a touch of white accented with colours, and you have the perfect outfit for the occasion. Shoes can be optional!
  4. Say Hi to Persian Rugs and Silk Drapes
    • Most boho weddings don’t use red carpet for the aisle, nor expensive decoration for the altar. Instead use those rustic looking Persian rugs and then wrap the makeshift altar with white, silk drapes for a budget DIY with maximum impact.

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